Question QG-004:

How do I access the ADINA ftp site?


The ADINA ftp site provides access to download the installation files for the latest ADINA program releases. If you would like to send us a file, please use our SendThisFile service.

We show two ways to get these files from the ftp site - by command mode, and by an ftp client. Command mode may not work when there is significant latency in the internet connection. An ftp client is recommended.

Kindly note that firewalls and internet security software may block ftp downloads.

Command mode

In a Unix or DOS window,

  login: f236372.userdownload

Note: For the correct password, copy the line just above and remove the last 6 characters (i.e., the dollar signs with the parentheses).

To get a file "abc.gz" from us, (for text file, skip the binary command)

  get abc.gz

Using an ftp client

You can use an ftp client that has a manual transfer function for the download.

We introduce FileZilla, a free ftp client, and FTP Voyager, a paid ftp client.


FileZilla is a free ftp client that may be downloaded and installed from

You will need version 3.1.6 or higher; the latest FileZilla installation file will detect the presence of an existing installation and initiate an update as appropriate.

If you are using Windows 7 or an earlier version of Windows, you can get legacy versions of FileZilla from

With FileZilla, you can perform Manual Transfer by ftp as follows:

  1. Log in with the Site Manager to
    Servertype: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    Logontype: Normal
    User: f236372.userdownload
    Password: I6!!cQLDWLiqAQR!($$$$)  -- See Note below! --

    Note: For the correct password, copy the password from the line just above and remove the last 6 characters (i.e., the dollar signs with the parentheses). Of course, this does not include "-- See Note below! --" or any blank spaces!

    The screenshot below shows a typical download.

  2. An easier way to perform an download is simply to drag the file from the pane representing our ftp site to the pane representing your computer folder.

Other ftp clients

If you have FTP Voyager, you can download and upload files by simply dragging and dropping the file(s) from your computer desktop to the our ftp folder pane in the FTP Voyager window. FTP Voyager has many powerful features and is now also free.