Deep Drawing of Square Cup

Deep drawing technology is used in a wide range of production processes. For example, it is used by the automotive industry to manufacture car parts; it is also used for making household items such as stainless steel kitchen sinks.
The ADINA model for the simulation of the deep drawing of a square cup is illustrated above. The punch is shown in red, the blank holder in green, the blank in purple, and the die in blue. This relatively simple geometry was created directly using ADINA-AUI. For more complex configurations, the geometry can also be imported from other CAD programs or through the IGES interface.


Simulation of the deep drawing process illustrates the capabilities of ADINA in dealing with difficulties such as large deformations of the sheet metal, changing contact conditions during the solution, and nonlinear anisotropic material models.

A quarter of the square blank (discretized with 900 4-node shell elements) is used in the simulation. Results from the simulation can offer engineers many valuable insights. For example, analysis of the plastic strains can indicate regions where breakage may occur.