Tech Briefs

Electro-Mechanical Coupling with Fluid-Structure Interaction

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are designed on scales at which electrostatic forces are capable of moving or deforming various parts of these devices. In ADINA version 8.3, such phenomenon can be simulated with the new electrostatic modeling capability. We demonstrate this new capability with an example involving electro-mechanical coupling with fluid-structure interaction.

In the schematic of the model shown below, a shell structure is clamped at both ends and suspended over a ground plane. The electric potential of the structure relative to the ground plane varies sinusoidally with time, causing the electrostatic force of attraction between the shell structure and the ground plane to rise and fall periodically. Fluid flows past the shell structure.

The results of the simulation can be seen in the two animations above. Streamlines over the shell structure are shown in the upper animation. The lower animation shows the voltage distribution and the deformation of the structure at two different cutting planes.