Tech Briefs

EnSight with ADINA

Efficient pre- and post-processing is most important in CFD. ADINA CFD can now also be used with EnSight. In this News, we illustrate such use by considering the Thermal CFD and Stress Problem of an Exhaust Manifold that already was solved in the News of June 15, 2007.

All figures and results shown here have been generated using EnSight with results computed in ADINA. Below, the mesh of the problem solved is shown and the movie above shows a particle trace plot of the fluid flow.

Mesh Used, Plotted Using EnSight

We show next a plot of the pressure in the fluid, followed by a plot of the temperature distribution in the solid and in the fluid. In the figures, the transparent part is the solid, and the non-transparent part is the fluid.

The use of efficient pre- and post- processing is most important, and the coupling of ADINA with EnSight is part of our efforts to enable the use of ADINA with widely employed different pre- and post-processors. Of course, in addition, the ADINA-Nastran interface (see News of August 30, 2007, News of September 30, 2006, News of April 15, 2006 and News of January 5, 2005) for pre- and post-processing (available with the standard ADINA release) provides a powerful means to employ any pre- and post-processor that is used with Nastran.

Pressure Plot Using EnSight

Temperature Plot Using EnSight