Tech Briefs

The ADINA Fast Graphics Mode

A few months ago, we presented the availability of the fast graphics mode (FGM) in the ADINA User Interface (AUI). Since then, we have released this capability in ADINA v. 9.0 and have already received positive feedback. In this Brief, we demonstrate some key features in the fast graphics mode (which are not available in the standard graphics mode) together with some instructions on the usage for the benefit of our users.

Selecting Entities

In this video, we demonstrate the flexible tools available in FGM for selection of entities. Observe also the ease of switching between the selection tools with a simple 'Tab' keystroke.

Hiding or Showing Entities

Sometimes, it is useful to view only certain parts of a model. In FGM, this operation can be performed easily by hiding or showing selected entities as demonstrated in the video.


The sectioning tool in FGM provides a quick way to view the internal portions of the model as illustrated below.

The fast graphics mode makes the handling of large models much faster and easier in the AUI. In addition, various tools such as those demonstrated above in this Brief make the modeling and post-processing processes in the AUI much more productive for our users. It is therefore an important priority in our development of the AUI to continue the enhancements of the fast graphics capability by implementing new effective tools and exploiting new technologies in graphics hardware and software.

Graphics engine, visualization, OpenGL, large models, real-time graphics, lasso selection